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The Nominet Reserved Short Domain auctions for domains are due to start in September.

Bidders should have already registered/paid to bid on any domain in the auctions, so it’s not possible to bid if you haven’t already registered.

Here is the schedule:

  • 1st Sepetember: domains starting A through to I
  • 7th September: domains starting J through to R
  • 14th September: domains starting S through to Z and also all the number domains

NFPAS run the auctions on behalf of Nominet.

In the short domain auctions last month I managed to bag, which was processed by Nominet within a day or so of payment and is now live.

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One Response to “Co.UK Nominet Reserved Short Domain Name Auctions”

  1. Dan

    Hi Colin,

    Im also in these auctions and im suprised at how low some of these domains are going for.

    What are your thoughts on the domain values…such as “da” “ny” etc?