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If you want your webpages to look pretty when shared in Google+ (Google’s new social network) or when someone uses the +1 button, the following guide should be useful.

When a webpage/URL is shared on Google+ basic information is pulled from the webpage.

Example view of someone sharing a link in Google Plus:

At present rather than using anything too funky like Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol, Google takes all the information needed from standard meta / html on the web page.

Title and description

The title and meta description are used for the G+ link title and description text.

If there is no meta description then Google pulls text from the page.

The user can adjust the description text in Google+.


The website favicon is pulled in when a link is shared on Google+.

If your site doesn’t have a favicon already you may want to get one.


Google attempts to pull accessible images from the page.

If there is more than one the user can flick through to choose the most suitable.

If you have your website logo in an easily accessible place (ie. not as a div background in CSS) Google should pick this up for a basic thumbnail for all your pages, which will probably increase click-throughs to your links.

+1 Button


Placing a Google +1 button in visible locations on your pages should increase the amount of times a page is shared.

Obvious spots to place the button would be before and/or after page content.


To quickly go over the main requirements of what to include:

  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Logo or images
  • Favicon
  • Google +1 buttons

More information

The following pages may be useful for more information on Google+ and the +1 button:

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