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World Record Snowflake Google Doodle - Copyright Google

Had to do a quick post on the latest “World record for the largest observed snowflake” Google Doodle.

Google have put together an awesome little JavaScript/CSS animation showing their more light-hearted side, coinciding with the UK seeing snow in some parts of the country.

I had a really quick look at the code behind the animation, you can see there are few different parts of the scene broken up.

The cow is it’s own little animation, as is of course the snow-flake.

As the snow-flake falls you can also see two little birds fly off to the right.

What is mind bogglingly cool is that it seems to be done using a couple of large sprite images!

Google Snowflake Doodle sprite 1 Google Snowflake Doodle sprite 2

It’s a really clever way of making a web friendly animation that will load quickly, and as usual without Flash.

The doodle so far seems to showing on, UK and Ireland.

World Record Largest Snow-flake

According to Wikipedia the record for the largest snow-flake ever observed is 38 centimeters (15 in) in diameter, found in Fort Keogh, Montana, USA on January 28th 1887.

You can find a fairly recent article here written on the worlds largest snowflake.

Images copyright Google.

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14 Responses to “Google Win: “World record for the largest observed snowflake” Google Doodle broken down”

  1. K

    doodle workin’in US too… 🙂
    found ur page when clicking on the doodle!

    Cute doodle, btw

  2. roberto

    The doodle about the big snow flaky is showing in my culo too amigo

  3. Tom Elliott

    It’s an interesting way of doing the animation and using a single sprite makes sense. Google have used Flash in the past I’m sure.. some of the more complex animationsinteractivity is still best served with Flash 🙂

  4. brenda gardner

    Found your Google Doodle by GOOD LUCK. So glad I did. Just Great.