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NFPA have just sent out the following reminder about the upcoming reserved short domain auctions.

I’m glad they have covered in more detail what happens when auctions spill over onto a second day, this happened to me and it was quite stressful.

Also covers email notifications – which as they have noted are not a substitute for viewing the actual auction. I found the emails were taking too long to arrive, so would periodically check the auction every 20-30mins.

This is just a reminder that the first in the series of domain name auctions will start at 10am prompt (UK time) on Thursday 1st September; this will be for letters A through to I.  The auction site is now available to logon and view; however, bidding will not be allowed until next Thursday.

It is best to log on to the auction at 10am as an early bid made at, say, 10am in your domain auction, would be awarded at 11am, unless you counter-bid within that one hour.  This will then reset the auction to one hour again for that domain.

Please also note: owing to feedback received –

1- We have re-enabled email notifications for when you have been outbid as well as when you have the highest bid.  Notifications for these emails can be disabled, if you do not wish to receive them, using a new link: ‘Notifications Management’, which is located on the left hand side navigation pane on the auction web site.  You will always receive an email when you have successfully won a lot/domain.  NOTE: Email notifications are no substitute for viewing the actual auction in realtime.

2- We have added below further explanation on auction carry over to the next day and bidding after 5pm ; a new highest bid received at 4.05pm would rollover and expire at 10.05am on the next bidding day as the expiry time has passed the standard auction hours of 10am to 5pm UK time (the clock would start to count down from 10am the next bidding morning). Counter-bids can be made outside of the standard bidding hours but they will not start counting down until 10am the next bidding day, for example –

• If a new highest bid of £150 is placed at 5.30pm then the expiry time on that lot will show as 11am on the next bidding day
• If another bid is received for £200 for the same domain at 6pm then that is now the highest bid but the expiry time is still 11am

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